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Welcome to energiebüro q50!

Specialists in blower door tests of office and industrial buildings
and blower door measurements of large buildings over 5,000,000 m³

Blower Door

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Again, the experts from energiebüro q50 traveling in Europe

Written by TL on .

This time is chosen in refrigerated logistics center in the Czech Republic with 119.000m³ Net volume for air leaks.

To prevent icing on Defective components and energy losses through cooling cells, or even the whole cold store here called Blower door tests are performed.

With the Blower Door MultipleFan system, a vacuum is created in order to locate leaks systems using thermography (thermal imaging camera) or with the thermoanemometers.

Airtightness measurements for quality control and also for acceptance measurements can be performed in the operating state at -18 °C as in this cold chain logistics center.

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